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Urban Gossip TV – Kodak Black High Off Molly On Drink Champs Spits On The Floor During Interview

Title: Urban Gossip TV: Dissecting Kodak Black’s Controversial Drink Champs Interview


Kodak Black, a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry, recently made headlines due to his controversial appearance on the widely popular podcast, “Drink Champs.” Often known for his controversial actions and behavior in the past, this specific incident involving Kodak Black being high off molly and spitting on the floor during the interview has raised eyebrows across the urban gossip TV circuit. In this article, we will delve deeper into this incident and its implications.

Setting the Stage

Hosted by rapper N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, “Drink Champs” is known for its laid-back environment that encourages candid conversations with guests about their careers and personal lives. With an emphasis on alcohol consumption during interviews, different artists have graced the show’s set over time.

The Controversial Interview

Kodak Black’s appearance on “Drink Champs” was highly anticipated by fans and critics eager to know more about his personal growth and recent experiences following numerous legal issues. However, what took place during the show left many viewers shocked.

During the course of the interview, it became evident that Kodak Black was under the influence of drugs, namely molly (a slang term for MDMA). His erratic behavior ranged from slurred speech to uncontrollable movements. Sadly, this display overshadowed much of what could have been an insightful conversation with the young rapper.

The Spitting Incident

Perhaps one of the most repugnant moments came when Kodak Black unexpectedly spat on the floor while responding to a question posed by N.O.R.E. This uncivilized act left both hosts visibly taken aback while attempting to maintain a level of professionalism.

Reactions from Fans and Critics

Unsurprisingly, news of this incident quickly spread across various social media platforms, igniting strong reactions from both seasoned fans and staunch critics of the rapper. Many expressed their disappointment and concern in seeing Kodak Black seemingly descend into self-destructive behavior, highlighting the importance of battling substance abuse issues within the industry.

Condemnation from Fellow Artists

Following the release of this interview, various artists, including fellow rappers and industry insiders, took to social media platforms to voice their disapproval and concern for Kodak Black’s well-being. Their comments underlined their fear that this incident might further fuel negative perceptions about urban music culture.

Implications and Reflection

While gossip TV thrives on sensationalizing events like these for ratings and views, it is essential to recognize the underlying issues that this incident represents. The reckless actions displayed by Kodak Black during his “Drink Champs” appearance raise questions about mental health, substance abuse, and self-destructive tendencies prevalent within the entertainment industry.


Kodak Black’s controversial appearance on “Drink Champs” has once again shone a light on the intersection between celebrity culture, substance abuse issues, and mental health in the hip-hop community. As an audience, it is necessary to reflect upon our voyeuristic tendencies towards celebrities battling personal demons while ensuring compassion towards individuals seeking help. Ultimately, this incident should act as a reminder that behind every celebrity fa├žade lies a human being who may be grappling with personal struggles that require empathy rather than judgment.

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