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Urban Gossip TV -Lil Boosie Tells Fan "I Gotta Doo Doo" When Asked For A Picture At The Airport

Title: Urban Gossip TV: Lil Boosie’s Hilarious Airport Encounter Leaves Fans in Stitches


Urban Gossip TV is no stranger to capturing the amusing and sometimes unexpected moments of celebrities’ lives. Recently, our cameras were at the airport when one of the most influential hip-hop artists, Lil Boosie, had an unforgettable encounter with a fan. In a light-hearted moment, Lil Boosie’s response to a fan’s request for a picture left everyone in stitches. Let’s dive into this humorous incident that got social media buzzing with laughter.

The Hilarious Encounter:

Lil Boosie, renowned for his candid nature and unfiltered personality, proved once again why he remains a favorite among fans. While walking through the airport, minding his own business, a die-hard fan approached him for a picture. Rather than providing the standard celebrity response or posing with a cool demeanor, Lil Boosie responded spontaneously by saying, “I gotta doo doo!”

Reaction from the Fan:

While most fans would’ve been taken aback by such an unorthodox response from their idol, this particular fan appeared rather amused. The unexpected answer prompted an eruption of laughter from both Lil Boosie and the fan. The two engaged in a brief yet entertaining conversation about life’s everyday situations as they made their way towards the washroom facilities.

Social Media Reactions:

Videos of this hilarious encounter quickly began circulating on various social media platforms thanks to Urban Gossip TV’s quick-thinking reporting team. Soon enough, fans flooded Twitter feeds with their reactions to Lil Boosie’s funny and relatable response. Hashtags like #LilBoosiesDooDooMoment started trending within hours.

Fans couldn’t help but commend Lil Boosie for his authenticity even in awkward situations that would throw others off balance. Many expressed how refreshing it is to see a popular artist not taking themselves too seriously.

Lil Boosie’s Authenticity:

This humorous incident once again showcased Lil Boosie’s genuine and unpretentious attitude. Known for his uncensored lyrics and unabashed viewpoints, Lil Boosie has built a loyal following that appreciates his unfiltered nature. Despite his fame and success, he remains approachable and real, which only further endears him to fans.


Urban Gossip TV captured an incredibly entertaining moment when Lil Boosie responded in the most unexpected yet hilarious way when asked for a picture at the airport. His remark of “I gotta doo doo” left everyone involved in fits of laughter, resulting in an instant viral sensation. This incident once again emphasized Lil Boosie’s authenticity and genuine personality that so many fans admire. Urban Gossip TV will continue to bring you the latest moments from celebrities’ lives, showcasing their true selves beyond the cameras and stages they grace.

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