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They LIED To You About Black History

Title: They Lied To You About Black History: Let’s Uncover the Hidden Truths


From textbooks to popular media, the history we are taught often fails to accurately represent the narratives of marginalized communities, including Black history. Throughout centuries of systemic racism and oppression, Black individuals and communities have been subjected to a distorted narrative that conveniently ignores or downplays their significant contributions. By shedding light on this issue, we can start to rectify historical inaccuracies and ensure a more comprehensive understanding of our collective past.

Underrepresentation in Education:

The education system has long perpetuated the falsehood that Black history is limited to a few prominent figures and events. For years, students have learned little beyond Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and the Civil Rights Movement. However, this narrow focus fails to capture the rich tapestry of Black history.

In truth, Black history spans thousands of years before American slavery began. From flourishing empires in Africa, like Mali and Songhai, to great scholars such as Imhotep and Mansa Musa, there is a treasure trove of achievements often ignored by mainstream curricula. Despite African civilizations thriving in art, science, mathematics, and literature during these pre-colonial times, this narrative has long been omitted from standard educational material.

Distortion in Historical Accounts:

When it comes to the transatlantic slave trade and slavery’s aftermath in America, history books often paint an incomplete picture or present a skewed perspective. Slave narratives or firsthand accounts are seldom emphasized in favor of narratives that sanitize or romanticize this dark period.

For example, Thomas Jefferson is hailed as one of America’s founding fathers while his ownership of enslaved individuals is often glossed over. Indeed, countless influential figures throughout history who profited from slavery are rarely held accountable for their actions or fully acknowledged.

Neglecting key aspects such as Reconstruction after the Civil War or the resilience and successes of newly freed slaves further diminishes the historical relevance of Black contributions to shaping America’s path towards progress. By disregarding these important chapters of history, the true impact of Black individuals and communities is diminished or erased altogether.

Rediscovering Hidden Figures:

Thanks to ongoing efforts by historians, academics, and activists, there has been a renewed focus on uncovering silenced voices and hidden figures in Black history. These stories highlight the pioneering achievements of people like Bessie Coleman (the first African American woman to earn a pilot license) or Benjamin Banneker (a self-taught astronomer and mathematician). Their accomplishments deserve celebration and recognition alongside those who typically dominate historical narratives.

Moreover, advancements in digital archives and accessible information have enabled individuals to discover lesser-known stories independently. Technology now allows us to bypass traditional gatekeepers and access a wealth of resources that can help make discoveries beyond what we were ever taught in school. As social media platforms amplify overlooked histories, previously marginalized narratives are gaining visibility.


It is crucial for society to acknowledge the systemic erasure and exclusion that has characterized our understanding of Black history. By shining a light on forgotten figures, entire civilizations, and pivotal events, we can create a more accurate portrayal of historical realities.

Only by embracing the truth can we begin reconciling with our past while challenging present-day inequalities. Investing in comprehensive education that incorporates diverse voices will not only enrich our collective knowledge but also help reshape societal perceptions around race and inclusivity for future generations.

As we strive for a more equitable world, it is our responsibility to revisit these hidden truths about Black history, dismantle the distortion perpetuated for far too long, and rewrite an inclusive narrative that celebrates the contributions and resilience of Black individuals throughout history.

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