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5 Black American Celebrities Who Got Their African Nationalities

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of Black American celebrities rediscovering their African roots and obtaining dual citizenship with their ancestral countries. This powerful connection to their origins allows these individuals to explore a different perspective on their heritage, culture, and identity. Let’s take a look at five notable Black American celebrities who have obtained their African nationalities.

1. Lupita Nyong’o – Kenya:
Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o captivated the world with her stunning performance in the film “12 Years a Slave,” for which she won an Academy Award. Born in Mexico City to Kenyan parents, Nyong’o grew up in Kenya and later moved to the United States for her studies. Proud of her Kenyan heritage, she obtained Kenyan citizenship in 2014, solidifying her bond with her home country.

2. Idris Elba – Sierra Leone:
Known for his charismatic performances in both film and television, British actor Idris Elba has gained widespread acclaim for his roles in “The Wire” and “Luther,” among others. Elba himself holds dual British-Sierra Leonean citizenship after being granted it by the West African nation where his father was born. He often expresses pride in his Sierra Leonean heritage and uses his fame as a platform to raise awareness about social issues affecting the country.

3. Boris Kodjoe – Ghana:
Recognized for his roles in various films and television series like “Love & Basketball” and “Soul Food,” German-born actor Boris Kodjoe discovered his roots reaching back to Ghana through his father’s side of the family. His interest in exploring this connection led him to obtain Ghanaian citizenship after tracing his lineage back several generations. He encourages others to explore their ancestry as well, highlighting the importance of self-discovery and embracing one’s cultural background.

4. Akon – Senegal:
Born in Missouri but raised in Senegal, Aliaune Thiam, known worldwide as Akon, experienced both American and Senegalese cultures while growing up. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has sold millions of records worldwide with chart-topping hits like “Lonely” and “Smack That.” In 2014, Akon was granted Senegalese citizenship, a step he took to deepen his already strong connection to the country he considers his second home.

5. Danny Glover – Ghana:
Renowned actor and activist Danny Glover is widely recognized for his performances in films like “The Color Purple,” “Lethal Weapon” series, and his tireless advocacy for social justice causes. In recognition of Glover’s dedication to Pan-African ideals and solidarity, Ghana conferred honorary citizenship upon him in 2008. Glover actively engages with Ghanaians on various projects and participates in cultural exchanges between the United States and Ghana.

These five Black American celebrities serve as inspiring examples of reconnecting with their ancestral homelands by obtaining their African nationalities. In doing so, they emphasize the importance of embracing cultural heritage and celebrate the diversity of their identities as both African and American. Their actions prove that no geographical distance can erase the profound influence that African roots hold on their lives, careers, and overall sense of self.

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